Change the life

Release a dream in one night

The message from CEO

Dear visitor, my name is Alex Ast and I'm founder of many IT projects. The are NakedAuto, CatInPhone, SkyTechSpace, AI SDP and others.

In terms of SkyTechSpace, I'm and my team decided to release a project to help people to fulfill a dream in IT Startup world. We perfect know that ideas come very fast and to make it real you have to work hard.

But same time, it's possible to implement ready to use the product just for one night. Why one night? Just because we are all people and usually we have our own life where we can't put another one crazy idea. And when the night comes we are starting thinking about the stuff that was incomplete.

And here OneNight project comes to help you. Just imagine you have an idea and you have a night to implement it. What do you need? Team. Believe, if you think you need money first - you are on the wrong way. Get your team here and start immediately your project together.

What kind of team do you need to start IT project?

- Front/Backend/Full-stack developer;

- Designer/Illustrator;

- Video maker;

- Administrator/Infrastructure creator;

- Media relation manager;

That's it! If you'll get all of them - you'll get ready to use project just for a one night.

Do not go into details, do not waste your time on different organizations and preparations. Start immediately!

Do it for a OneNight!

Join us!